Over Her Dead Body

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Over Her Dead Body

Review (4/10)
(By Matt Sheehan)

Remember "Monty Python's Flying Circus?"
That wonderfully hilarious comedy troupe's television show that had that infamous sketch in which John Cleese returns to complain about the parrot he bought: it was dead. "This parrot is no more. It has ceased to be," Cleese says. All the pet store owner, played by Michael Palin, can talk about while coming up with a bunch of excuses is the bird's "wonderful plumage."

Such talk can be described of Eva Longoria Parker in "Over Her Dead Body."

While hurriedly preparing during her wedding to Henry (Paul Rudd), Kate (Parker) is crushed by an angel ice sculpture and is stuck in what she believes to be a semi-purgatory state.

One year following her death, a reluctant Henry is taken by his sister Chloe (Lindsay Sloane) to see novice psychic/part-time caterer Ashley (Lake Bell) to help Henry get out of his longwinded depression. The more Henry sees Ashley, the more strong feelings he begins to feel for her. Ashley is on the fence with loving or leaving Henry while her gay catering partner Dan (Jason Biggs) is there to support her.

The problem? Ashley can actually see and hear dead people-more specifically, Kate. And she is not happy that some na?ve messenger to the afterlife is dating whom Kate calls her husband.
Through every date, every kiss and every conversation, Kate uses the Ashley's ability against her, annoying her and trying to piss her off to the point that she'll leave Henry alone-a goal she believes will allow her to get into heaven.

Romantic comedies nowadays try to go above and behind the clich?d and formulaic plots, to reinvent the genre, but in recent years, that operation has failed miserably, for the most part. This is yet another entry into that list of letdowns. In fact, Hollywood already tried a ghostly romantic comedy in 2005's "Just Like Heaven," and that was a disappointment as well.

So take that movie, dump a bunch of "Ghost" in it, sprinkle some "Bruce Almighty" and a blend of clich?s and you have this bowl of goop.

Parker goes through her own motions here, playing the same wound-up, high-strung control freak she plays on "Desperate Housewives." There is a moment in this film that makes one want to slap her across the back of the head because she's blathering on about her favorite colors, pets, numbers, etc. to keep Ashley awake all night, sounding more like a six-year-old kid with candy and Kool-Aid coursing through their veins that won't shut up.

Rudd, so great in the comedies of Judd Apatow, must be questioned on his career choice here. He looks bored and like he wants to make sure he's getting paid for this. Granted, he is the best part of the movie, especially a funny, "Blazing Saddles"-style flatulent joke during a vacation getaway for Henry and Ashley. Farts are funny-most of this movie is not, though.

Jason Biggs really hasn't had a great role since the first "American Pie," but he is quite amusing here. Some physical comedy and a little bit of pratfalls work for his awkward, goofy persona.
Still, you really can't get past the annoying performance of Parker.

Sure, she's pretty, but her "Dead Body" performance was deceased to begin with.

And her wonderful plumage has got nothing to do with it.

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