Waist Deep

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Waist Deep

Review (5/10)
(By James "JD" Dickens)

The filmmakers behind Waist Deep want you to swallow what's being fed with no questions asked. If you accept the movie as it's coming at you then you may be mildly entertained. If you question some of the things going on then you'll want your money back. I saw this movie for free so I guess I can't ask for a refund.

On a Sunny day in LA, O2 (Tyrese Gibson) and his son junior are cruising around town just kicking back and enjoying each other's company. At a stoplight a beautiful woman walks up to O2's car to sell him a suit, he declines but she winks at him anyway for being nice. Suddenly we get a low-level shot of a car pulling up behind O2's so you know something bad is about to happen. Wham! O2 is punched in the face, thrown out of the car and the thieves' speed off with junior still in the back seat.

O2 pulls the gun out his back and starts running down the street after them, luckily the thieves' have no skills behind the wheel so they crash. They eye O2 coming down the street after them and open fire. O2 dodges the bullets and accurately dispenses some well-deserved street justice, Dirty Harry would be proud. All O2 needed was one more shot and the carjacking would've been thwarted. So O2 is left to face every parents worse nightmare as his son is speeding away screaming for his father.

At this point the first question you may ask yourself is, where is five-0? All those people on the street and nobody dialed 911? O2 then quickly runs into Coco (Meagan Good) who is the beautiful woman who tried to sell him a suit. He puts a gun to her head thinking she was in on the jack and demands to know where his sun might be. Her first suggestion leads to a dead end, but it doesn't take long to find out who has his son and the price to get him back.

Big Meat (The Game) is holding Junior for the ransom of $100,000 that O2 must scrape together in 24 hours. Big Meat isn't the biggest dude in the world but he rules the streets with an iron machete, which he isn't afraid to use. O2 and Coco become the new Bonnie and Clyde in an attempt to come up with the ransom needed to rescue Junior. The rest of the film is a ridiculous ride that takes you to a happy but impossible ending. At the screening people clapped at the end, so I guess people will accept a happy ending no matter how implausible it is.

The only thing that Waist Deep has going for it are the visuals. We get to see LA at it's sunny best. The pacing of the film is uneven, It gets off to a pretty good start then has some slow spots and the ending drags on way too long. The acting is adequate but there is almost no chemistry. You needed chemistry between O2 and Coco but we get nothing, there was more chemistry between Coco and me, she was fine to look at that's for damn sure. The game should've had more material to work with. Lucky (Lorenz Tate) is O2's brother and acts as the liaison between him and big meat. You never get the impression that these two are brothers, a few more scenes between them would've been beneficial. Waist Deep isn't so bad that it will kill anybody's career, but it's disappointing to see that it didn't live up to it's potential.

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