Superhero Movie

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Superhero Movie

Review (2/10)
(By Erin Cullin)

"Superhero Movie" features a cameo appearance by Pamela Anderson. That should tell you everything that you need to know about this film.

Brought to theaters by the writer of two of the "Scary Movie" franchise of films, "Superhero Movie" is a spoof of several of the highest-grossing comic book adaptations of this decade, including Spiderman, Batman Begins and The Fantastic Four. Unfortunately, there were no superheroes in the theater to save me from the injustice of being subjected to this film.

"Superhero Movie" tells the story of Rick Riker (Drake Bell), a 98-pound weakling who finds himself infused with special powers after being stung by a genetically altered dragonfly during a tour of a scientific lab with his high school class. The film follows Riker as he pines for his next door neighbour, Jill Johnson (Sara Paxton) and battles the high school bully, Lance Landers (Ryan Hansen). In his spare time, Riker spars with the diabolical Lou Landers, a businessman who oversees a multi-million dollar corporation by day and who, as "The Hourglass", spends his nights drawing the life force out of unsuspecting victims.

"Superhero Movie" features some passable performances by its assorted cast of characters. Leslie Nielsen, Marion Ross, Jeffrey Tambor, Robert Hays, Charlene Tilton and Tracy Morgan all make guest appearances. Drake Bell's slightly amusing deadpan performance was the film's one bright spot. Actually, that is not entirely true. As Pamela Anderson demonstrated her special powers, I was also very pleased that the film was not in 3-D.

Much like its predecessors, "Superhero Movie" relies on the usual array of physical humour and toilet jokes that propel films of this genre. During the screening that I attended, only two of the ten people that were watching with me found the film even slightly amusing - and, unless my spider senses were deceiving me, they carried the distinct odor of two people who had indulged in some genetically altered tobacco prior to attending the theater.

If you enjoy bodily functions and watching people get kicked and groped inappropriately, then "Superhero Movie" is the film for you. For the other 99% of the population, I would recommend navigating your Batmobile or slinging your web in the direction of the nearest video store if you are hoping to indulge in some film entertainment this week.

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