Happy Feet

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Happy Feet
Review (7/10)
(By Brendan Cullin)

First we had mischievious penguins performing covert operations in "Madagascar". Then we had real-life penguins trekking across the Great White while Morgan Freeman talked in the background in "March of the Penguins". Now, with "Happy Feet", we have penguins who dance like Fred Astaire and sing like Luciano Pavarotti. "Happy Feet" is the new animated feature that is voiced by the likes of Robin Williams, Nicole Kidman, Britanny Murphy, Elijah Wood, Agent Smith from The Matrix, Wolverine from X-Men and Steve Irwin. Mumble is a penguin born with a birth defect of sorts that allows him to dance up a storm instead of waddling like your typical penguin. Because of Mumble's dancing talent and lack of singing ability, he is shunned by his fellow penguins and forced to join a new, and much funnier flock of penguins. With his new pals Mumble, renamed "Happy Feet", sets out to find out what the "aliens" are doing that is ruining their habitat and threatening the penguin lifestyle. Of course, the aliens aren't really aliens. They're the even more dangerous entity know as mankind and they're stealing all the fish and slowly but surely destroying the Antarctic and it's up to Mumble, Ramon, Raul, Rinaldo and a few other Latino penguins to stop the aliens and save the world.

"Happy Feet" might be one of the best animated movies ever made just in terms of its visual effects. There are times that the human beings in the movie look so real that I wondered if these people were being played by actual actors and actresses. The animals, the landscape, everything is just simply outstanding. The musical numbers in the movie are entertaining. The voice overs are perfect, with Robin Williams leading the pack. He voices three characters and two of the three are pretty much the funniest characters in the entire movie.

Basically, in my opinion, "Happy Feet" comes down to this - great animation, good story (although a bit rushed near the end), funny but not as funny as I thought it should be and good characters, with Robin Williams pretty much stealing the show. I suppose, if I had kids, my one concern if I brought those poor children to the movie, would be that I found the movie pretty scary in a couple of different scenes. I even heard one child crying after a particular scene, but I've learned with children there's a million different reasons they cry. It might not have even had to do with the movie. It's still a decent animated movie that should entertain the young ones. I didn't find it to be the best animated movie of the year. ("Cars" was overall a better movie with better characters.) Even though the movie featured cute and cuddly penguins, I never felt I really knew or really loved the characters. I loved the cars in "Cars". But with it's magnificent animation, good story, humourous humour and decent characters, "Happy Feet" should do just fine. And really, how could you possibly go wrong with singing, dancing penguins and Robin Williams? It's just not gonna happen.

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