The Forgotten

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The Forgotten
Review (6/10)
(By Brendan Cullin)

In The Forgotten, Julianne Moore stars as Telly, a grief-stricken mother who lost her eight-year old son when the plane he boarded 14 months earlier disappeared. Suddenly, one day, she notices that her son has been removed from any photographs she has of him and pretty much any other record of his existence has been erased. Her husband (Anthony Edwards) tells her they never had a son. Her psychiatrist (Gary Sinese) confirms that the boy never existed and was just a figment of her imagination. And another man she met, Ash Correll (Dominic West), who also happens to be a former star hockey player from the New York Rangers and who also supposedly lost his daughter, denies every having met Telly or even having had a daughter. Soon Telly's husband denies even know her. Everyone thinks she is crazy and the cops and the government are after her. Is she crazy? No one knows for sure. But Telly's undying love for her son and her persistance to find out the truth begin to pay off as she unravels a mystery wrapped in a riddle of what happened to her son and the other kids that disappeared months earlier.

The Forgotten is one of those movies that has some things that you might like and many things you will not like. The likes? Well, it has a handful of parts that will make you jump in your seat. That is always fun. A great car crash scene and some other cool shit that I will not divulge. It leaves you guessing from the beginning to almost the end and that is cool as well. I thought Julianne Moore had a good screen presence and looked quite hot, even with the freckels (one undy scene - yipee!) and I also like Ash Correll as the ex-New York Ranger, but maybe that's because that's as close as we are going to come to seeing hockey this year. The not so likeable? Well, the movie has some serious plot holes and I mean plot holes so big you could fly the missing plane from the movie right through them. Too much is not explained and I found the lead characters in the movie were just too willing to accept what was going on. I know if I discovered some of the shit they uncovered, I would move to Alaska and hope no one ever found me there ever. And the movie seemed like it was a bit too short, which usually I don't mind, but this time around there was just too much missing and too much unexplained. It just semmed like there was things missing from the movie perhaps due to some really bad editing. Oh, and too many flashbacks.

But with that being said, I have to admit, I didn't half-mind The Forgotten. It isn't the best movie I have seen this year but it does enough to keep you interested in what's going on that it makes for some decent entertainment. Like my little buddy noted as we walked out of the screening - it's more like an extra long episode of the X-Files than it is a movie, but that's not all that bad. I just wish the movie would have spent more time on the explanations and less time on the running around and Julianne Moore yelling "Sam! Sam!". It seemed like the fist 70 minutes were spent dealing with the grieving and the running and then all the cool shit happened in the last 20 minutes of the movie. But nevertheless, it isn't a great movie but maybe worth a matinee or at least a rental when it comes out on video in a few weeks. Sorry, I meant a few months.

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