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Review (7/10)
(By Brendan Cullin)

In Hostage Bruce Willis stars as Jeff Talley, a former high profile Los Angeles hostage negotiator who is now a police chief in a sleepy California city. Sleepy until a trio of young punks decide to break into the high-tech home of a local millionaire named Walter Smith (Kevin Pollak). Little do the punks know that Mr. Millionaire associates himself with some very bad men who are desperate to retrieve some valuable items that are hidden inside the house. In order to ensure that their valuables are removed from the house safely, the bad men have kidnapped Talley's family (his daughter Amanda is played by Bruce's real-life daugher Rumer) and left it up to him to negotiate his way into the house and get their valuables. If he fails, they will kill his family. So basically what we have is a mansion, three punks, a kidnapped family, some really bad men, Jeff Talley and his kidnapped family - just one big web of bad asses, kidnappings and hostages.

The first thing I must point out about Hostage is that it certainly does start out on the right foot. The movie begins with a bearded Bruce Willis negotiating an L.A. hostage situation and to say it is intense would be an understatement. From there, the movie moves onto a second and eventually a third hostage situation and these situations present us with some equally intense moments. But near the end of the movie, there are some strange instances that involve a psycho teenager named Mars, a massive fire, guns, blood, the FBI and a whole bunch of other shit that is just really confusing and really, in the end, almost ruins the movie. It's only about a ten minute stretch near the ending but it really will just leave you shaking your head. Mind you, Hostage ends on another intense note and has, what I would consider, an outstanding final scene (despite Willis's odd facial expressions).

Overall, Hostage is a good movie. Like I said, there are a few moments, especially near the end, that are mind-boggling and really quite unneccesary, to say the least. But overall, there is great action, intensity, decent characters, a good story and a pretty good time at the theatre. If you have mild expectations for this movie, you probably will not be disappointed.

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