In Her Shoes

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In Her Shoes
Review (7.5/10)
(By Liam Cullin)

In Her Shoes stars Cameron Diaz as Maggie, one of a skanky breed of woman who use their looks, body and generally just sex to get everything they want out of life. Need a free meal? Hit on some poor, unsuspecting schlep. Need to get drunk? Flash a smile to the dude at the end of the bar. Need a place to stay? Shack up with some guy for a few days. Who cares if all he wants from you is to get laid. And while you're at it, steal from him too. Yes, unfortunately there are women like this out there -- women without a soul. Then, there are women like Maggie's sister Rose (Toni Collette). She's a lawyer. She owns her own place. She's got a good head on her shoulders. She seemingly has it all. Unfortunately for Rose, she also has some crippling insecurities and the inability to get laid on a regular basis.

As the movie starts, we find Maggie hooking up with yet another guy. She's drunk, and probably a little high too. When she proves to be a little too much to handle, the guy leafs through her wallet and find's Rose's phone number. He calls her and gets her to come pick up Maggie. Unfortunately for Rose, this just happens to be one of those once-in-a-blue-moon nights where she's actually got a guy over at her place. Still, feeling some degree of loyalty for her sister, Rose goes to get her and tries, yet again, to get her sister to shape-up. She helps her find work with the hopes she'll turn her life around. But Maggie has other ideas. She just doesn't take life seriously. She continues to steal from everybody including even her sister and her father. But one day, while searching through her father's desk, she finds letters from her grandmother (Shirley MacLaine) who before now she thought was long dead. So, when Rose comes home one day to find Maggie in bed with Rose's new boyfriend, things between the sisters blow up and Rose gives Maggie a much-deserved kick to the curb. Without a place to go, and Maggie tracks down her grandmother Ella (Shirley MacLaine) at a retirement community in Florida with the idea of taking her for everything she owns. After months pass, Rose finds a new guy and makes plans to get married. But she can't help but wonder what became of her sister. Will Rose ever find happiness? Will Maggie ever grow up? And when they get back together, can Maggie and Rose put their differences aside?

With In Her Shoes, director Curtis Hanson has given us a pretty good flick. For the girls out there, we've got a pretty strong story about sisters and about women in general. And for the guys, there's more than a few scenes with Cameron Diaz walking around in little more than a bikini. There are some laughs, some tears, and in the end, we've got a nice little message about the importance of getting along and being a family. The acting in this movie was top notch. Toni Collette turned in another great performance and I'm beginning to wonder what she can't do. She deserves more roles like this. Shirley MacLaine was Shirley MacLaine. Although we haven't seen her in a decent role in more than a few years, she's been around since the dawn of time (or so she believes), and she hasn't lost a step. Finally, Cameron Diaz. She sold the role, although part of me wondered how much acting she was really doing.

In the end, there's not really a lot not to like about this movie. Probably the only thing that turned me off was that Maggie reminded me of too many girls I've known -- girls that get by on their looks alone and who couldn't put 1 and 1 together, even with the help of a calculator. But that's a sad reality about life. Hell, I'm sure there are even a few guys like that out there. The difference is that nobody would make a movie out of it.

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