Underworld: Evolution

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Underworld: Evolution
Review (7/10)
(By Brendan Cullin)

In Underworld: Evolution, Kate Beckinsale returns as the "death dealer" Selene, undoubtedly the hottest piece of ass vampire to grace the big screen in the history of mankind. In the movie, it is only a short time after the first Underworld movie ended and Selene and Michael (Scott Speedman), a new species from the Lycan/Vampire bloodline, are on the run after killing the leader of the modern-day vampires, Viktor (Bill Nighy). Unfortunately, the battle awakened the grandaddy of all vampires, Marcus (Tony Curran), and he is on a violent path of destruction to kill everything in site and reclaim his title as ruler of the underworld. That is more or less the story in a nutshell, but there is so much more to it - you really have to see the movie to understand.

If you liked Underworld, chances are you will be comfortable with Evolution. It is a very similar movie to Underworld, perhaps a bit stronger on the story side of things and as far as I can remember, a bit more violent.

I think that if you have not yet seen the sequel, it might be a good idea to watch the original before you do. This movie covers a lot of ground, referring to both the first movie and a handful of other stories from the history of vampires and werewolves quite often. I have to admit (and probably not surprising to people who know me) that there were times during Evolution where I found myself slightly confused but the movie does do a pretty good job of explaining everything by the end.

As for the blood and guts in the movie, I personally found Evolution to be more violent with way more blood than the first movie, so if that is your penchant, this is the movie for you. I'm not saying the movie is loaded with blood and violence, but there is more in this movie than the last. It also doesn't hurt that Evolution tortures us with but a sampling of Kate's ass and boobs in a rather gratuitous (but in my mind, necessary) sex scene.

Overall, Underworld: Evolution is a rather entertaining popcorn flick that should satisfy fans of Underworld. It's definitely not going to change the history or evolution of vampire and werewolf movies but it is a gratifying two hours at the theatre nonetheless.

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