Miami Vice

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Miami Vice
Review (6/10)
(By Brendan Cullin)

In Miami Vice, Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx stars as Ricardo Tubbs and Alcoholics Anonymous winner Colin Farrell stars as Sonny Crockett in Hollywood's latest theatrical release of a 1980s hit television show. Acclaimed director (and original show creator) Michael Mann tackles the popular hit.

Growing up in the 80s, Miami Vice was one of my favorite shows. It was a show that defined a handful of years during that era. It was a show that resulted in many of that era's young men walking around in pastel-colored suits, t-shirts and shoes with no socks. If you remember the movie The Wedding Singer, there was a scene where the asshole fianc? shows up in his sports car with the Miami Vice theme playing on his stereo and the suit on and everything. It was really quite humorous for those of us who actually got the joke.

Anyways, about the movie. Well, I felt that my love of Miami Vice (the TV show) might have clouded my judgment. I wanted to like this movie and almost felt like I was forcing myself to like it. But when I take a step back and look at things, I realize that it is just an okay movie. I mean, there is a lot to like about it but there are also things not to like.

The storyline of the movie follows the basic outline of pretty much any episode of the TV show. Crockett and Tubbs go deep undercover to bust a gang of ruthless Miami drug lords. The operation takes them to countries like Haiti, Cuba and Paraguay. That part of the movie is actually quite decent and results in some brutal violence and some of the coolest kills you will see in any movie this year.

I guess for me, where the movie stumbles is during the middle hour or so. The first twenty minutes and the last thirty minutes of the movie are fabulous. It's in the middle where we are subjected to Sonny's romantic liaisons with a drug lord's woman (played by Gong Li) and Tubbs' lovemaking and bare ass prancing around the screen, and really, for me I just didn't want to see that crap. I wanted guns, drugs, bullets, drama, intensity, action and surprisingly, no sex. The bad asses in the movie - kingpin Jesus Montoya and his Miami drug runner Jose Yero - were two of the most intriguing characters in the entire movie but were criminally underused. The white supremacist drug dealers were ruthless and frightening and sadly, barely had a line throughout the entire movie.

That's not to mention the pace of the movie. We jump right into the movie from the opening credits and then from one locale to another and one drug deal to another, which, at times makes it hard to follow. I just felt like I was always playing catch-up with this movie, trying to figure out who was on first and what was on second. As a seasoned movie fan, I shouldn't have to have a movie handed to me on a silver platter, but sadly I have to admit there are times I do and a movie like Miami Vice only further proves this theory.

As for Crockett and Tubbs, well there just does not seem to be much chemistry or interaction between the characters. Foxx was okay as Tubbs and I wasn't crazy about Farrell as Crockett. I didn't like his hair. I didn't like his moustache. I didn't like his entire presence in the film. I thought someone like Scott Speedman might have been a better Crockett and I'm beginning to wonder if Colin Farrell is not one of the most over-rated actors in Hollywood today. Hell, I even wonder how a movie starring the original Crockett and Tubbs (Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas) would have done. I, for one, would have loved to have seen that.

In the end, although Miami Vice is a very average movie, I still suggest checking it out simply for the gratuitous violence and outstanding kills. If you're a fan of the Miami Vice television show, you should be at least mildly entertained. I just fear that this movie might mark the end of the beginning of Crockett and Tubbs on the big screen and I'm certainly not too happy about that.

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