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Review (7.5/10)
(By Brendan Cullin)

Summertime without an Adam Sandler movie is like warm apple pie - without the warm apples. The two go hand in hand. It would almost be like a summer without a Tom Cruise movie. It just never seems to happen and doesn't seem right. In Sandler's latest effort, Click, he stars as an over-worked, underpaid architect who too often puts his job ahead of his two adorable children and his equally adorable wife. One look at the wife (Kate Beckinsale) and you soon realize that he is a crazy, crazy man. Nevertheless, despite his highly skilled and intellectually demanding job, Michael (Sandler) can't operate a remote control - or at least the eight different remotes that are scattered around his living room. He decides to search for technology's latests development, the universal remote control, one that can control the ceiling fan, the garage door, the TV, VCR, toy car and whatever else happens to be lying around the house. What Michael discovers is a remote control that can operate all those things - and his life. He can mute the dog, fast forward through dinners with his parents, skip over arguments with his wife, pause his yelling boss to punch him in the face, have really fast sex, and do lots of other cool things that we all could only wish we could do in real life - especially punching your boss in the face. Heck, his life even comes with a commentary by James Earl Jones. Everything is fine and dandy until Sandler realizes that the mysterious remote conforms to his preferences and it soon starts to automatically fast forward through many parts of his life. Within what seems like only a few days, Sandler is a miserable old man who has skipped through the important years. Sandler learns some important life lessons, a few tears are shed and our summer movie experience is complete.

I found Click to be a great time at the movies. It probably has a few too many unbecoming jokes for some and is too sappy for others but I found myself laughing out loud more than once and even getting a bit teary-eyed at other times. I'm sure some will complain that the movie tries to pound the message it is trying to deliver into our heads way too hard and way too often but that didn't bother me. The movie is blessed with a strong cast that includes Sandler, Beckinsale, the always delightful but sometimes overrated Christopher Walken and the hidden gem in this movie, Sean Astin. The scenes involving Astin and Sandler are priceless, especially the whole angle with the speedo.

In the end, Click is a silly movie, there's no doubt about that. There's lots of jokes involving the remote control and it's magical powers. There's even more involving the dog and a big, stuffed yellow bird. Some of the jokes are repeated over and over and others are a bit off-colour but I found myself laughing out loud many times. Then there's the message at the end of the movie that is seemingly beat into our heads for a rather long period of time. It's an important message and a touching message and one that I am sure many people in the world should probably pay attention to. A classic comedy? Probably not. Another summer Sandler movie with a handful of laughs? Definitely. Worth checking out in the very near future? It sure is.

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