Grind House

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Grind House
Review (7.5/10)
(By Sean Cullin)

When I first saw the trailer for Grindhouse, I wasn't really interested in seeing it. I've never been into the 70s exploitation genre, so the idea of Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez paying homage didn't pique my curiousity. If anything, it seemed like their 'I'm Keith Hernandez' moment. I ended up acquiring free tickets to a sneak preview, and found myself second guessing whether or not I should go up until the last minute.

Grindhouse features two 75-80 minute movies, Rodriguez's Planet Terror and Tarantino's Death Proof, with a few fake trailers before each movie. Planet Terror is the story of a Texas town that ends up overrun by zombies, with only a handful of survivors left to fight them off. Plenty of violence and flesh-eating ensue. Death Proof follows Stuntman Mike, a psycho who kills not with guns or knives, but with a souped-up stunt car that leaves only him alive. He's got a thing for groups of girls and seems to love his work. (I'm leaving the movie descriptions vague on purpose, so not to spoil anything.)

Despite not wanting to see Grindhouse, I have to admit I was pretty entertained. The movies are best described as just fun for the audience, with no morals and no redeeming values. But everyone is in on the joke - the directors, the actors and the audience. As long as you know what to expect going in, you're going to like Grindhouse; notably: excessive gore, excessive violence, cheesy dialogue and a lot of N-bombs dropped.

If I had one complaint about Grindhouse, it's would be the 3-hour running time. Each movie easily could've had 20 minute trimmed off. Did Planet Terror really need the boring Josh Brolin plotline? And Death Proof had too much of QT's verbal diarrhea, to the point where I saw people walking out of the theatre. I was even itching in my seat for the last 30 minutes. This is the second movie this year that my experience felt tainted by excessive length... I'm staring at you, Zodiac. Hopefully this isn't a new trend.

So if someone as disinterested as me can be entertained, then I'm pretty confident that Grindhouse is going to make a lot of money over the coming weeks. Again, as long as you enter with the proper expectations (and are prepped for 3 hours), you're going to like Grindhouse.

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