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The Guardian
Review (6/10)
(By Sean Cullin)

The Guardian stars Kevin Costner as Ben Randall, a legendary rescue swimmer for the Coast Guard. After losing his crew in an accident that he blames himself for, Randall is sent to be a trainer at 'A school', where Coast Guard recruits are trained. Randall proceeds to use unorthodox methods, to say the least, to see if the recruits truly have what it takes to sacrifice themselves so others may live.

The standout of A School is Jake Fischer (Ashton Kutcher), a cocky but talented kid who Randall must figure out. Does he just want the glory or does he really want to save lives? Both men need to conquer their own demons in order to work together to be the best the Coast Guard has to offer.

The Guardian is your typical 'old lion-young lion' movie, where they start out hating each other, the older is tough on the younger because he/she sees something special in them, they have some sort of bonding moment, then they learn to work together and like each other. (For a rough outline, see Top Gun, Armageddon or GI Jane.) And like those movies, The Guardian is entertaining. You've got a pretty good idea what's going to happen, but you're comfortable with it – almost like an old pair of slippers.

The biggest problem I could see people having with the movie is Ashton Kutcher. For whatever reason, it's difficult to see him as a leading man, especially in an action flick. During the movie's dramatic scene, the girls behind me were laughing out loud (I'm assuming at his performance). Costner is typical Costner – those who like him will like him a lot.

The Guardian isn't a great movie. However, it has enough thrills that you will be entertained if you're into the genre.

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