Punisher: War Zone

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Punisher: War Zone

Review (7/10)
(By Brendan Cullin)

"Punisher: War Zone" is, I believe, the third Punisher movie to hit the silver screen and is, in my opinion, the best so far. I will admit, I never saw the Dolph Lundgren version but did see the Thomas Jane/John Travolta debacle and it seems to me this Ray Stevenson dude who played The Punisher this time around seems to get it right.

I personally don't know a whole lot about The Punisher character but he strikes me as someone who isn't too happy and doesn't have a whole lot to say. Stevenson plays this person perfectly. This guy takes no prisoners. Just watch the first ten minutes of this movie and try to tell me that, next to Rambo, The Punisher is not the most pissed off movie character of 2008. Some of the violence in Punisher is extreme, over the top and in some cases, laughable but it seems somewhat appropriate for this type of movie.

Perhaps the only thing that I would say didn't seem right about Punisher was the villain, Jigsaw, played by the McNulty dude from The Wire - Dominic West. Maybe it's just me, but I found his voice to be annoying, his sliced up face to be gross and distracting and his entire character to be overstated. Strange thing is that his equally psychotic brother, Loony Bin Jim (played by Doug Hutchison), wasn't nearly as annoying and was, in fact, downright creepy. It just seemed that Jigsaw didn't fit.

Nevertheless, I would still recommend "War Zone" to fans of The Punisher or comic books in general. It wasn't too bad of a movie. It's definitely not award-winning cinema but for what "War Zone" wants to be, it does the job.

In the end, all "Punisher" is about is a really pissed off hombre who wants to kill anyone who has anything to do with organized crime and especially with the death of his wife and family. "Punisher: War Zone" achieves this goal and it does so with style and finesse.


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