American Wedding

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American Wedding
Review (6.5/10)
(By Brendan Cullin)

Wedding balls are dangling in the latest installment of the American Pie series, appropriately titled American Wedding. Stifler is back. Kevin is back (barely). Finch is back. Jim is back. Jim's dad is back. Jim's private parts are back. Band Camp is back. Jim has proposed to Band Camp and the story revolves around their upcoming wedding and Jim's impending bachelor party. As per usual, the area below Jim's belly button and above his knees suffers humiliation and abuse. There are a series of crude and rude jokes ranging from an unfortunate poo-poo incident (did we really need to see someone eating shit?) to a case of mistaken identity that is sure to give hope to senior citizens around the world. Surprisingly, there is no lesbianism (although there are enormous boobies).

In my humble estimation, American Wedding is a small step up from American Pie 2. It does, however, fail to capture the magic of the original movie. There is just not that emotional attachment to the characters, to their families and to their friendships in this movie that was felt in the first movie. The movie does not focus enough on Jim (but we do get to see his hairy ass - and Finch's ass for that matter) and focuses way too much on Stifler (no ass) and in my estimation, his whole act has worn a bit thin. There are only so many ways you can hear him tell someone to f. themselves or suck his knob before it starts to get not funny. In a way, his character takes a step back from the first two movies. He becomes almost an annoyance rather than the Stifler we came to love. That is until the last fifteen minutes of the movie when we see a different side of Stifler, still a crude Stifler, but at least he does something different besides curse and try to get laid (what am I saying, that sounds like me!!). There are actually a few sort of "different" scenes with the Stiffmeister but he always seems to have this stunned look on his face that makes you wonder if he suffered brain damage somewhere between American Pie 2 and American Wedding (once again, sounds like me?).

Nevertheless, that last fifteen or twenty minutes of the movie was refreshing. It had that familiar feeling of American Pie that made the movie such a hit. But that is not saying the whole movie was not funny. American Wedding might not have the greatest flow, but there were many laugh-out-loud scenes. I'm laughing now thinking of a few things that happened (anything involving pubes is always funny). And the introduction of January Jones as band camp's sister, Cadence, was sweet justice. Not only was she easy on the eyes but she might have been the best character in the entire movie. Stifler and Finch battle for her affection to the point where Stifler is trying to be a sophisticated intellect a la Finch and Finch is trying to be a crude vulgarity a la Stifler. There are some absolutely hilarious moments along the way. And don't worry about some of the old gang missing - Chris Klein, Shannon Elizabeth, Tara Reid and so on. They were absent but not entirely missed. In fact, Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas) probably did not need to be there either because I can barely remember him saying ten words in the entire movie. Surprisingly, the Chinese guy that Stifler pissed on and his buddy make it back into the movie. You figure they could of at least mentioned some of the old characters. For example, "Too bad Oz burned his balls off trying to have sex with a hot apple pie and now he can't make the wedding." At least some kind of a mention. But none of them even got a "kiss my ass".

Overall, I have to say that American Wedding is worth a trip to your local cinema if you want a handful of genuine laughs. The movie starts out with a bang but then it seems to drag for about twenty minutes. The story-telling is a bit convoluted. And there are times when the movie feels like it was quickly put together to cash in on the original American Pie phenomenon. But it is a short, sweet movie and you will have a good time. Just don't expect that cozy feeling of warm apple pie that we once got from the original gang from American Pie. This movie is more like Thanksgiving leftovers.

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