Anger Management

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Anger Management
Review (6/10)
(By Brendan Cullin)

David Buznik (Adam Sandler) is mild-mannered businessman whose lack of assertiveness has caused friction with his girlfriend and has allowed his boss to walk all over him. But Buznik's quiet life is turned upside down when he is wrongly accused of verbally assaulting a flight attendant and finds himself sentenced to anger management classes whereby his counselor, Dr. Buddy Rydell (Jack Nicholson), must live with him in order to solve the anger problems.

With a cast lead by Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler and an all-star supporting cast led by the likes of Marisa Tomei, John Turturro, Luis Guzman, Woody Harrelson and Rudy Giuliani, you figure that Anger Management is a shoe-in for the funniest and funnest movie of the year. Although the movie does deliver laughs and overall is a pretty good ride, it was a slight disappointment. And I would have to lay most of the blame for this in the hands of Adam Sandler. In my mind, Sandler just did not deliver the goods. He seemed to be holding back, to almost be intimidated at the prospect of being on the big screen with Jack. There were times where he seemed ready to let loose, to give us some of the funny idiocricy that we have seen in Happy Gilmore and The Waterboy. Instead, Sandler mumbled his way through almost the entire movie and although he did have a few good moments (I loved the line, "You can date other penises, I mean people"), overall, I found his character to be a bit of a bore. I said after Mr. Deeds that Sandler mumbled his way through that movie. Well, he does the same in Anger Management. Sandler could have carried this movie and let Nicholson compliment his humour. Instead, he held back and as a result this movie is not nearly as funny as it should have been or could have been. Another slight disappointment was John Turturro. I absolutely loved this guy in Mr. Deeds but in Anger Management, although he seemed to be trying his hardest, his character did not deliver the goods either. He just ended up being one of those crazy army veterans that we have seen oh so many times. A Spanish butler with a foot fetish? Now that's funny. A crazy army veteran with anger management problems. I've seen it on Seinfeld already. And it wasn't that funny then either.

As for Jack, well what can you say. Jack is Jack. Unlike Sandler, he does not hold back but his character is, at times, so over the top that he really leaves you scratching your head. He should have been given funnier lines because there is only so much magic that Jack's evil grin and elastic eyebrows can work.

Overall, I would have to say that Anger Management is a fairly consistent movie. It makes you chuckle throughout the entire movie. Just don't expect to be rolling in the aisles because it ain't gonna happen. I am sure there are some out there who feel because the movie stars Sandler and Nicholson that they absolutely must be laughing their asses off. Don't force your laughter and you will probably find this movie an average comedy with a few good laughs but like me, just not as funny as it should have been.

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