The Island

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The Island
Review (7.5/10)
(By Cosmo Kramer)

What is The Island? This should be your state of mind when seeing this film. You should avoid all spoilers on this one - it makes it that much better of a film. The Island is Micheal Bay's offering to this summer's plethora of action blockbusters which have so far been more than fulfilling. The Island continues this pattern. Micheal Bay has crafted his finest work here, which I can assume is largely due to Spielberg's production on this. Micheal Bay has dropped Jerry Bruckheimer - a wise move if I may so say. This is definitely Micheal Bay's most focused movie. An emotional sci-fi drama with adrenaline-fueled action scenes.

The Island is the hope of all the citizens of an unnamed Utopian society. They live in fear of an outside world with vague memories of a great contamination that forced them into this sterilized underground facility. The only redemption from their dull existence is the chance to win a lottery and visit the last uncontaminated spot on earth - The Island. But of course things are not as they seem. When resident Lincoln Six Echo (played earnestly by Ewan McGregor) starts to dream terrifying images and begins to question the nature of their life in this facility, he uncovers some startling revelations about his existence. Enter Micheal Bay action formula.

The movie from this point goes into autopilot as McGregor and the beautiful Scarlett Johansson are on the run from the powers that be who will stop at nothing to contain the security breach, for their escape opens a whole can of worms. This portion of the film was really well done. Bay really proves he can set up an action sequence and there's a pretty wide variety of stunts going on. We are talking pretty spectacular looking scenes. Think Bad Boys 2 in the future. In particular I was wowed by the scene where McGregor pilots a futuristic police hover-bike through the city. The action scenes are gritty and hard-hitting. I really got caught up and found myself questioning how they could escape the situation. The portrayal of the future in this movie, while reminiscent of Minority Report, was handled pretty well. Never getting too farfetched or overshadowing the emotional context of the plot.

Another strong point in the movie is the performances. Across the board, everyone does pretty well. McGregor handles his role perfectly, playing it down to earth. He and Scarlett both managed to stay above everything that was going on. They portrayed their characters as people you can root for throughout the film. I wanted to see them make it the whole time. And that's a huge aspect of a movie like this succeeding.

There are some pretty strong supporting roles too. Steve Buscemi has a small role which ends up being pivotol to the plot. He provides some of the funniest lines in the movie. The comic relief is very well placed here. Sean Bean plays the villaneous type here like we know he can. His performance reminded me of Equilibrium - a similar role here.

Overall I'd have to say The Island is a very enjoyable summer action movie and a tier higher than anything Micheal Bay has done. If you have already seen Batman and War Of The Worlds this is definitely another sweet movie this summer to add to the list.

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