The Incredibles

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The Incredibles
Review (7.5/10)
(By Sean Cullin)

On the way to his wedding, Bob Paar is having an average day - he helps a cat from a tree, he stops 2 robberies, he catches a suicide jumper. Of course, this is an average day when you're Mr. Incredible. Except something weird happens - he gets sued by the jumper for preventing his death as opposed to saving a life. And the jumper wins. Suddenly, all of the superheroes in the world are being sued. The government can't afford the suits, so superheroes are outlawed, relocated to the suburbs.

Fast forward 15 years, and the Paars are in hiding. Bob is your typical Monday-to-Friday schmoe, working for an insurance company where his only superpower is helping clients beat the red tape of making claims. His wife, Helen (aka Elastigirl), is a stay-at-home mom who teaches their kids how to hide their powers...their daughter Violet has invisibility, son Dash has superspeed, baby has no powers yet to speak of. Bob still yearns for the good ol' days, and sometimes sneaks off to save lives with Lucius (aka Frozone).

Then one day, Bob gets an offer too good to be true, to become Mr. Incredible again by helping a government agency test new weapons by fighting specially-designed robots. Little does Mr. Incredible know that it's a sting, where he'll confont a new arch-nemisis and force his family to unite with their powers to defeat this new foe.

I really enjoyed The Incredibles. Because of its marketing for kids, I really wasn't looking forward to seeing this one. The main thing that pulled me into the theatre was the fact that there was an Episode III preview attached to the movie (nb: looks awesome!!!).

But I thought The Incredibles really appealed for adults - a lot of humour that kids won't get but adults would enjoy. Like when Mr. Incredible has to become a white collar guy tied to a desk all day and getting bitched out by his boss...who hasn't been there?? I spend all day dreaming about being anywhere else using superpowers too, and I've never even had any. Some of the humour probably isn't appropriate for kids - suggestions of extramarital "activity" comes to mind here. But you're never going to please everybody, right? Overall, it's way, way more entertaing than Shark Tale. And as for the animation - what can be said here...Pixar never disappoints, and there were probably points where I forgot that I was watching a cartoon. Just outstanding.

In this slow period of the movie year, The Incredibles are going to offer as much entertainment for your buck as anything that is out there.

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