Two Brothers

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Two Brothers
Review (6/10)
(By Brendan Cullin)

Two Brothers is the story of two young tigers, Kumal and Sangha, who live in the jungle of Southeast Asia amongst the ruins of an ancient temple with their mother and father. They are curious, frolicking and carefree until their lives are turned upside down thanks to nature's biggest enemy - mankind. A hunter/artifact-collector (or as I like to refer to him - a murderer/thief), happens upon the temple inhabited by the tigers and as the tigers are attempting to escape, the humans shoot the father and capture one of the young cubs. The humans continue to pursue the mother and her only remaining cub and eventually the second young tiger is captured and the mother is shot. One of the tigers ends up performing in the circus while the other lives with the young son of a French official until he misbehaves and is sent off to the cages of a royal family's personal zoo. The two brothers grow older and eventually the humans decide that they would like to see two tigers square off in a bloody battle in a public auditorium. Kumal and Sangha, who have not seen each other in years, are now forced to fight to the death for the entertainment of the royal family and a bunch of other ruthless human beings.

Two Brothers is a beautiful movie to watch, if only for the scenes with the tigers and nature. I'm not obtuse enough to think that tigers are these harmless, innocent creatures - I know they are predators and killers - but seeing them in their natural element was great to watch. Watching the humans come in and ruin everything was hard to watch. Seeing them abuse these creatures really makes you wonder. We all know this stuff happens. It may not happen 100% of the time but it happens. The tiger being locked up in the zoo and abused and treated extremely poorly - that happens. It might even make you wonder what really happened to that Siegfried and Roy tiger that caused it attack the human.

Anyways, about the movie. The movie, I found, was average. The story was okay, not very exhilerating. Any scene that didn't have a tiger in it wasn't anything special to watch. The acting in the movie, well, it wasn't that great. The tigers upstaged pretty much every human actor in the movie, including Guy Pearce, who played the artifact collector. Even the likeable characters in the movie - which pretty much were only Pearce's character and the little boy who befriended his pet tiger - were not all that likeable. In the end, I will say if you see this movie, you might enjoy the tigers and the natural element of the movie but that's about it. Some people in the crowd with whom I saw this movie were very excited for the tigers in the movie and seemed to be really cheering them on. I suppose if you are a huge animal lover, you may be entertained by Two Brothers. I found it to be an average movie, beautifully shot but weak in the human element of the movie, but somehow, that seems fitting.

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