Mr. 3000

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Mr. 3000
Review (6.5/10)
(By Brendan Cullin)

In Mr. 3000, Bernie Mac stars as Stan Ross, a legendary baseball player for the Milwaukee Brewers who, like many athletes today, or at least some athletes, is only out for himself (see Kobe Bryant, Barry Bonds, Jaromir Jagr). He sees 3000 hits as his ticket to the Hall of Fame and the day he reaches that milestone, he decides to retire immediately after the game, even though his team is in the middle of a pennant race. What a self-centred prick (see Kobe Bryant, Barry Bonds, Jaromir Jagr).

Anyways, the movie jumps ahead a handful of years and a now 40-something Stan Ross has more or less changed his name to Mr. 3000 and now owns a strip mall where all the stores feature the number 3000 in their names. He still hasn't found his way into the Hall of Fame but that's when Mr. 3000's perfect world comes crashing down around him. A statistician has discovered an error in the number of career hits that Ross compiled and has realized that Mr. 3000 should actually be named Mr. 2997. He is three hits short of the legendary mark so Ross decides to come out of retirement and suit up for the Brewers in his quest to realize his self-proclaimed title of Mr. 3000. Mr. 3000 also stars Paul Sorvino as the Brewers rather subdued bench boss and Angela Bassett as a sports reporter and Stan's estranged love interest.

I have to say that although I was relatively entertained watching Mr. 3000, the movie doesn't have a lot to offer in terms of originality or anything that isn't considered "formula". The movie is pretty predictable, in fact, way too predictable. You could probably sit at a desk, write out what you think is going to happen even before seeing the movie, and be about 75% accurate - at least. And I really found it hard to believe that a baseball team in Milwaukee would actually be playing before a full house - ever! But with that being said, I did like the ending of the movie, the moment where the main character "finds himself". I knew the whole "finding himself" thing was inevitable but how it happened was good.

As for the cast, Bernie Mac is quite good at carrying the load in this movie. He plays the part of an arrogant baseball player who starts to "see the light" rather well. Angela Bassett also does a commendable job, as does Brian J. White as the up-and-coming baseball star T-Rex. Paul Sorvino really doesn't do a whole lot in the movie. I just hope he wasn't paid by the word. And Michael Rispoli as 3000's sidekick Boca - I won't blame him for this but whoever wrote his part in the movie, well, it was pretty much a waste. He didn't do a whole lot and didn't really have anything meaningful to say.

Overall, I would say that Mr. 3000 is a fairly good light-hearted comedy. I would hesitate saying that you should run out to the theatre immediately to see it but if you are in the mood for a few laughs and a decent story then Mr. 3000 is the movie to see. Not a lot in terms of originality and not a landmark baseball flick but overall, a nice movie. As I described to a friend who asked me about it - it's rentable.

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