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Review (8.5/10)
(By Brendan Cullin)

Ratatouille is the story of a rat named Remy who has a taste for culinary delights instead of the usual leftovers and garbage that the other rats in his colony seem to enjoy. Remy gets separated from his friends and family but finds himself in the one place in the world where he belongs - one of Paris's top restaurants. He befriends a hapless kitchen hand named Linguini and together the two perform magic. Unfortuantely for Remy, rats are not a welcome sight in any restaurant in the world and although he tries to remain concealed, it is not long before Linguini's little buddy is exposed and all heck breaks loose.

Ratatouille is written and directed by Brad Bird, the same gentleman who gave us The Incredibles and brought to us by Disney/Pixar, who clearly operate on another level when it comes to animated movies. I'm not going to get into too much detail about this movie because really, what's there to say about an animated movie about a rat in a kitchen. It's not like you can comment on the bad acting or anything like that. Ratatouille is exactly the movie that we have come to expect from Pixar. It is a joy to watch from beginning to end. The animation is fantastic. The story is fun, humourous and entertaining. The main characters are likeable. But with all that being said, I'm not sure how kids are going to react to the "food" part of the movie because in some cases, the movie seems to go to great lengths to describe the food, recipes, and the philosophy of cooking and I just don't know if how the young ones will like watching that stuff. I can assure you the kids sitting next to me in the theatre didn't enjoy that part of the movie at all. In fact one of the kids seemed more concerned with standing on his seat until he fell down and started screaming hysterically. Yeah, it was one of those nights.

Nevertheless, Ratatouille is a movie that is sure to leave movie fans with smiles on their faces from beginning to end. There are no dirty jokes. No farting. No pop culture references or discreet product placement that you may find in a movie like Shrek. Most of the voices you probably won't even recognize, which was another nice change. And even without Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Owen Wilson or Billy Crystal, the voice work in the movie still worked. Ratatouille is an excellent way to please your palate. It's just a great family movie and one that is sure to end up in many collections sometime in the next 6-8 months.

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