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Review (8/10)
(By Brendan Cullin)

In Prime, Uma Thurman plays Rafi, a 37-year old beauty who has just gone through a messy divorce and is now seeking the sound and supportive advice of her trusted psychiatrist Dr. Lisa Metzger (Meryl Streep). During the second session we see between the ladies, Rafi talks about a new man that has entered her life. His name is David (Bryan Greenberg). Only 23-years old, he is much younger than Rafi but she is very smitten with the young man. Dr. Metzger encourages the relationship, saying that age is no barrier. Eventually, Rafi's ramblings turn to their active sexual exploits, his weeney, his living situation and his job and Metzger is able to put two and two together and realize that Rafi's David is actually her son David. The sessions between Rafi and the good doctor become much more comical, the relationship between David and his mother becomes strained and the blissfullness of the love between Rafi and David turns sour, as in many relationships, once they get to know each other. Prime is a movie that is full of laughs and even the odd tear as it takes a trip down the road of relationship heaven and hell.

I must admit, I went into Prime with the lowest of expectations. I did not hear a lot of good things about this movie and only ended up going to see it because I could see the movie and still make it to my hockey game and couldn't if I went to The Weather Man. I liked Prime a lot. It was funny, the characters were very likeable and very real. I liked the story. It was just an all-around enjoyable time at the theatre. It's probably not the kind of romantic comedy that I would recommend to a younger or at least immature crowd. I don't think they would appreciate it. It's probably more suited for a late 20's to 30's type of crowd, predominantly single and looking for love, or Jewish mothers of all ages.

I guess in my case, I've become sort of a sucker for romantic comedies over the last seven or eight years. It doesn't help that every girl who's crossed my path during that period has ended up kicking my balls up my ass. In fact, one of the dudes in this movie gave me a brilliant idea - showing up at all your ex's houses and throwing a pie in their face. Brilliant idea, just brilliant. The girls in Toronto and surrounding area better watch out. Ireland, I think is safe for the time being.

The only other observation I have about Prime is about this Bryan Greenberg character. I have no idea who this guy is but I have to tip my hat. He goes from, as far as I know, being pretty much a nobody, to having Uma Thurman sucking on his nipples. Nice. Ya bastard.

Anyways, ignore any bad comments you have heard about Prime. It's a cute little romantic comedy and if you fall into the demographics I outlined earlier in the review, I guarantee you will like this movie.

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