Team America: World Police

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Team America: World Police
Review (8/10)
(By Will Perkins)

The creators of South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker bring us Team America : World Police, a political knock out blow featuring an all marionette cast. Team America is an all American police force dedicated to ridding the world of terrorism... No matter the cost. As soon as the explosive credits end we find ourselves in Paris. A group of terrorists has a weapon of mass destruction and is planning to destroy the city. After an extended action sequence featuring a puppet fist fight and the destruction of numerous Paris landmarks, Team America is victorious and the terrorists have been stopped. However, an even greater threat is growing. Soon after, the team enlists the help of actor Gary Johnston. Gary is a rising broadway star, and the team needs an actor good enough to infiltrate the terrorists stronghold in Cairo. He performs his role flawlessly and uncovers the terrorists sinister plan. North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il has been supplying the terrorists with weapons of mass destruction. With the help of left wing Hollywood stars and Michael Moore, the diminutive dictator is hell bent on destroying the world and with it Team America. With the fate of the planet hanging in the balance, it will be up to Gary to save the day.

Team America is definitely not for everyone. If you're a fan of South Park, then this movie will be right up your alley. Much like South Park : Bigger, Longer and Uncut, Stone and Parker up the ante in their never-ending quest to skirt the line of good taste. From the opening ballad "AMERICA! F$*# YEAH!" to the numerous slow motion puppet deaths, the film is a riot. I've never seen such graphic portrayals of puppet sex or violence in a movie, and probably never will again. I was amazed at how well the puppets worked in the film. With all the technology available, hyper-realistic puppets could have been used. However, Parker and Stone wanted to go for the classic "Thunderbirds" look, and no effort has been made to hide the strings and wires used to move the marionettes. You are consciously aware that you are watching a puppet movie throughout, and it makes the film even funnier.

The movie doesn't disappoint for the most part. There are a few weak jokes here and there, but for the most part every funny bit is dead on. People may be offended by the broad generalizations and stereotypes in the film. If you're looking for a fair and balanced opinion of the world, you're in the wrong movie. The movie pulls no punches, taking shots at everything from the Kim Jong Il's insane loneliness, to Michael Moore's weight problem. Also, much of the dialogue is ripped right out of Jerry Bruckheimer/Michael Bay movies. When the lines are recited by puppets you really see how bad some of the dialogue in those blockbusters really is.

If you object to gratuitous puppet sex, acts of puppet on puppet violence, swearing puppets, drunken puppets or North Korean dictators singing show tunes... Team America is not for you. But if any of this piques your interest... Go see Team America, and have a good laugh while you're at it. The movie will offend you, disgust you and shock you, but you'll love it all the same.

Released : 2004

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