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Review (8.5/10)
By (Brendan)

I was never a fan of the Transformers. Never watched the cartoon, never saw the movie. All I knew is that they were cars and trucks that turned into robots and a lot of kids had the toys. Didn't really have any interest in seeing the movie until I started seeing the trailers for the movie a couple of months back. The scene in the trailer where the transformer gets out of the pool and is standing over the little girl sold me on this movie. I thought it was a great looking scene. The hype for this movie has certainly been building for the last several weeks and now Transformers is one of the most highly anticipated movies of the summer. I can assure you it doesn't disappoint. I've been reading some people slamming the movie's screenplay and whatnot but come on people, what were you expecting - the next Citizen Kane? Did you want Shia LaBeouf to make a JFK-like speech in the middle of the movie? Seriously, it's a movie about talking robots who attack Earth! And it's directed by Michael Bay! Put two and two together and Transformers is exactly the movie it should be and probably more. It's got simply outstanding special effects. It's got a very strong cast and a perfect supporting cast. LaBeouf was very good in his lead role. Megan Fox was exactly what her name says she is - a fox. That scene where she is looking under the hood of Bumblebee with the sun shining on her body - I could have stared at that all day long. Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, Anthony Anderson and Jon Voight were all perfect in their respective roles. Bernie Mac, even though he was only in the movie for about three or four minutes, was actually funny for once in his life. John Tuturro was outstanding and in my estimation is one of the greatest character actors in Hollywood at this moment. It was all around perfect casting and whoever made these decisions for this movie should get some kind of bonus.

Mind you, Transformers was not a perfect movie. I thought it was a bit too long. Two and a half hours for a popcorn action movie? It seemed to drag a bit towards the end. I also wasn't crazy about Optimus Prime and his kind of preachy nature. It just seemed everytime he spoke he was getting ready for that big JFK speech that I mentioned earlier. The dramatic music would cue up but he really didn't have a whole lot to say. In fact, I really had trouble understanding what the hell the robots were saying half the time. But it didn't matter that much. For me, Transformers was extremely entertaining. The action was great, the characters were great, it was laugh out loud funny in more than one instance and Megan Fox is alone almost worth the price of admission. The trailer for that mysterious J.J. Abrams movie that is attached to Transformers is probably worth the price of admission too - one of the best trailers ever! I really can't see this movie being anything but the highest grossing movie of the year. There are no surprises here - there are robots, explosions and it's all done at the hand of Michael Bay. One of the best summer blockbusters that I've seen in the last few years. If you're looking for Citizen Kane, you should probably pass on this one. If you feel like relaxing and having a great time at the theatre, go see this movie now.

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