Veronic Guerin

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Veronic Guerin
Review (8.5/10)
(By Brendan Cullin)

Based on a true story, Veronica Guerin is a movie that tells us the story of an Irish journalist (played by Cate Blanchett) whose obsession with exposing Dublin's underground drug scene through a series of newspaper articles in the Sunday Independent drew the ire of some of Ireland's most notorious criminals.

Directed by Joel Schumacher and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, Veronica Guerin is an emotionally powerful movie that recounts a remarkable story and a landmark moment in Irish history. For those who are still upset at Schumacher for apparently single-handedly destroying the Batman franchise, and those who feel any movie with the name Bruckheimer attached to it is usually summertime blockbuster trash, fear not. The prospect of Schumacher and Bruckheimer is not as scary a venture as you may think. Veronica Guerin is a well-directed, well-written and superbly acted movie. The movie does a good job of showing us both Guerin's bravery at times and at other times, her almost utter disregard for the safety of herself, her friends and her own family. Blanchett's portrayal of the title role is nothing short of brilliant. But she is not the lone shining star - Gerard McSorley as the vicious John Gilligan and Ciaran Hinds as the shifty John "Coach" Traynor are exceptional. In fact, the entire supporting cast is solid. Colin Farrell also makes a brief (if not unneccesary) appearance, where he gets to speak about twenty words and drop his favourite f-word three or four times.

I would have to say for me, personally, Veronica Guerin is one of the better films I have seen this year. It was inspiring to see someone have the courage to stand up to these drug dealers and expose them for the snakes that they are. She challenged a trade that is bigger and far more powerful than any of us could possibly imagine. I am sure there are people who will say she was foolish for putting her own life on the line and others who criticize her crusade as nothing more than an attempt to seek some sort of self-glory. It is hard to say how the general public will react to this movie because unfortunately, I saw the movie with a theatre full of critics who sometimes seem to have ice water running through their veins. I will admit, I was a bit choked up as the movie ended. I think this movie is a great tribute to the woman who helped rally a city to take action against its drug lords and forced the Irish government to establish the Criminal Assets Bureau that works to freeze the assests of suspected criminals. The movie falls short of being a masterpiece but nevertheless is one of the better movies that I have seen in a long, long time.

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