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Review (8/10)
(By Brendan Cullin)

The story of Underworld revolves around a war that has been fought for centuries between Vampires and Lycans (also known as Werewolves). Selene (Kate Beckinsale) is a beautiful young Vampire who is tracking a group of Werewolves she wants to kill when she realizes the Werewolves, in turn, are tracking a human being named Michael Corvin (Scott Speedman). Selene attempts to save the human and must now figure out why the Werewolves would be so interested in kidnapping him.

At this point, I think that is all I am going to say about the plot of Underworld. It is probably the best way to go into this movie. I went into Underworld not knowing a thing about it besides the fact that it starred Scott Speedman and Kate Beckinsale. I didn't even know there were werewolves in the movie. I went into Underworld with the lowest of expectations. I was not expecting much at all. The movie was a pleasant surprise. It was a very dark movie, lots and lots of rain, it had a solid story, solid characters, cool werewolf transformations, some great fight scenes (especially the last twenty minutes of the movie) and some awesome whip and gun fights. Hell, even the bullets they used were cool. There is not too much about this movie that I didn't like. I suppose there was one scene in the movie where one of the werewolves is captured and he seems to give up information just a bit too easily. And I found it a bit strange that, in the entire movie, there were only two humans. But after seeing Underworld, I don't really care about human beings anymore. I think I now prefer vampires and werewolves to humans anyways. I wish I was a vampire or a werewolf.

I guess all I have to say is that Underworld kicked some major ass. People have been talking about how Eli Roth has redefined the horror movie genre with his latest work, Cabin Fever (although I personally strongly disagree with that statement). Well, director Len Wiseman might have just redefined the Vampire/Werewolf genre with the work he did on Underworld. This movie is probably not the best vampire movie ever made, but I cannot think of a better werewolf movie in many years and having the vampires and werewolves at war with each other was great fun. And the couple of twists and turns that he adds to their ongoing war only added to an already enjoyable movie. I loved how Wiseman plays with your mind in the movie. Pure brilliance. There are so many things that could have been done wrong with a vampire/werewolf flick but he just seems to get everything right. I'm sure that Wiseman will be criticized for the similarities in his movie to others such as Blade, The Crow and The Matrix. But all I know is that I was extremely entertained. I would not commit blasphemy and say that Underworld is in the same league as a movie such as The Matrix but I would go so far as to say that Underworld is probably as good a movie as Blade, at least in terms of entertainment value. I should also mention Kate Beckinsale. I never really thought of her as much more than a your typical romantic comedy cutie. Beckinsale kicked ass. She was the most beautiful vampire I have ever laid my eyes on. I could only wish that she would suck my blood. As for Scott Speedman, I guess he was more or less another pretty face in the movie but he still did a decent job. The rest of the cast is mostly a lot of actors and actresses that I have not heard of or seen before but some of the standouts included Lucian (Michael Sheen - who plays Selene's arch enemy but if I understand correctly he has a child with Kate but Kate is dating director Wiseman?? What the hell is going on there?), Kraven (Shane Brolly) and Viktor (Bill Nighy). They were all good.

Overall, Underworld is a movie that I would strongly recommend. It's a great action movie and an even better "creatures of the night" flick. Don't be afraid to sink your teeth into this one. You may not be disappointed.

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