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Review (8/10)
(By Brendan Cullin)

"Domino" stars Keira Knightly as famed bounty hunter Domino Harvey, a former model and the daughter of actor Laurence Harvey, who shunned her cushy Beverly Hills lifestyle to live a life comparable to that of "Dog" The Bounty Hunter. The movie focuses mainly on a botched $10 million dollar heist that involves a group of college students, a gang known as The Four Ladies, a slimy casino owner, the mob and the FBI. Domino and her cohorts Ed Mosbey (Mickey Rourke) and Choco (Edgar Ramirez) are hired to retrieve the money but the assignment soon turns into a bloody gunfight with some bombs, a severed arm, a trailer park shoot-up, a hyperactive reality TV producer (Christoper Walken) and a very quick but still satisfying glimpse of Keira's breasts. In the movie, a bloody and beaten Domino is being interrogated by an FBI agent (Lucy Liu) as she somewhat recalls her involvement in the shootout but the movie also touches on Domino's childhood, her teenage and college years and her eventual recruitment into the world of bounty hunters. Domino also stars the likes of Delroy Lindo as a sneaky bail bondsman and former Beverly Hills 90210 stars Ian Ziering and Brian Austin Green, who play what they refer to as "celebrity hostages".

Domino is directed by Tony Scott, who recently brought us Man on Fire. If you have seen Man on Fire, you can expect the same kind of visuals, editing, color schemes and subtitles in Domino. The movie jumps around a lot and has some crazy camera work but to tell you the truth, it really didn't bother me. I found the action in the movie to be decent and well-paced enough that the camera work was the least of my worries. The story was interesting, although we really didn't learn a whole helluva lot about Domino Harvey, it was more the heist that was the story. The acting was quite good - Keira, Rourke, Edgar Ramirez were all excellent.

I must admit, the whole reality show angle was strange and seemed like a bit of a waste to me, although it is quite ironic that there is now a successful reality show based on a bounty hunter. But I just didn't get it. Another strange cameo by Christopher Walken. And Jerry Springer? Can we please stop with the Jerry Springer? How many movies is he going to appear in? Enough already. He could only wish an episode on his show was intelligent enough to focus on the introduction of the terms "Blacktinos" and "Hispanese".

Overall, I found Domino to be quite an entertaining movie. How could you possibly go wrong with Keira Knightley? I had the pleasure of seeing Ms. Knightley at the Toronto Film Festival this year and let me tell you, she is hot. Imagine how hot you think she is and multiply it by 10 and that is how hot she really is. She took time out of her red carpet introduction to walk across the street to talk to the fans and get pictures and was such a great presence. And that ass, oh that ass - perfection. I love her. By the way, to answer my own question, I saw Pride and Prejudice and I suppose even with Keira Knightley you can go wrong. My god, what a bore.

Anyways, back to Domino - you've got Keira, you've got her boobs, you've got Mickey Rourke. This movie has a lot going for it. It's not the best movie I have seen this year but I was still entertained enough to leave the theatre feeling satisfied. It's just a pity it looks like this movie is going to be a collosal box office bomb and yet a movie like Flightplan has made more than $70 million. Very strange indeed.

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