Shrek The Third

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Shrek The Third
Review (8/10)
(By Brendan Cullin)

What can I really say about Shrek the Third that you probably don't already know? You've got a big green ogre, a talking donkey, a swash-buckling cat, 23 fairy tale characters and all the turmoil and chaos that you can imagine in the land of Far Far Away.

I guess if you really want to get into the nitty-gritty of the movie, this chapter in the life of Shrek focuses on his ascension to the throne of Far Far Away. In a dramatic death scene that is second only to Yoda's famous departure in Return of the Jedi, the King has passed away and Shrek and Fiona are next in line to the throne. But Shrek longs for his tranquil life in his smelly old swamp home so he takes his two trusty sidekicks along and heads out to find the only other heir to the throne - Cousin Arthur (voiced by Justin Timberlake). Unfortunately, while the boys are out corralling Arthur, Prince Charming and his army of evil-doers have launched a diabolical plot to take over the kingdom. It's now up to Shrek, Donkey, Puss In Boots, Fiona, three blind mice, three little pigs, one gingerbread man, Pinnochio and a handful of other do-gooders to stop Prince Charming and his attempted coup.

Basically, if you liked the first two Shrek movies, chances are you will like the third. It doesn't really bring anything new to the table but it's got pretty much the same sense of humour and a similar story to the other movies. I can't really say it is my favourite Shrek movie - I liked the second one better. But it has some good laughs and is fairly entertaining and really, what more can you ask for? I guess one complaint I would have about Shrek the Third is that it really didn't introduce any new characters of major significance, like the impact that Puss In Boots had in Shrek 2. Cousin Arthur is the only real major character that we get to meet and he's not all that compelling. I didn't even find Puss In Boots or Donkey to be all that great in Shrek the Third. Puss didn't get enough screen time and Donkey is married with kids so his days of acting like a jackass are over. It's the supporting cast of fictional characters that carry this movie - Captain Hook, Sleeping Beauty, Pinnochio and the Ginger Bread Man are all great. The musical numbers are good. The movie is funny. Unfortunately, the humour is a bit inappropriate at times - as expected it resorts to fart jokes, as many Hollywood movies seem to be doing nowadays (I really think that Hollywood has ruined the mystique of the fart). And then there's the scene where some swear words are covered up by a blowing horn but kids aren't stupid - I heard the young boy sitting behind say, "Daddy, why is he swearing" during that scene (can't remember if it was Shrek, Donkey of Puss who was swearing). Do the kids really need to hear that stuff?

But overall, despite my few complaints, I still enjoyed the movie and still laughed enough to recommend checking it out. Like I said earlier, if you liked the first two movies, you will like the third. It's a lot of recylced jokes but when they're being delivered by a cranky ogre, a dragon-whipped donkey and a wide-eyed kitten, how can you go wrong?


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