The Incredibles

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The Incredibles
Review (8/10)
(By Brendan Cullin)

The Incredibles is Pixar's latest piece of work. This time the animation studio has ventured into the world of the superhero. Craig T. Nelson voices Bob Parr (aka Mr. Incredible), the former superhero who was forced to go into the Superhero Relocation Program after a public backlash and a handful of lawsuits against America's superheroes. The story takes us fifteen years later and a slightly overweight Mr. Incredible is living a suburban lifestyle as an insurance adjuster with his wife Helen (a superhero in her own right, formerly known as Elastigirl and voiced by Holly Hunter) and their three kids Dash, Violet and Jack Jack. The two older kids have inherited their own special powers - Dash can move at the speed of light and Violet can turn invisible and create force fields.

The family keeps their special powers to themselves but Bob sometimes sneaks out of the house late at night to meet up with another hiding superhero named Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson) and the two men quietly relive the good old days and do some crime fighting and life saving. Bob's low profile crime fighting soon becomes a much bigger task when he is summoned to a deserted island by a mysterious woman named Mirage (Elizabeth Pena) to perform some much larger tasks and get paid some big bucks to do so. That is where he runs into an evil mastermind who goes by the name Syndrome (Jason Lee). Mr. Incredible is forced into a showdown with Syndrome to stop him from destroying all the world's hidden superheroes and unleashing an army of deadly robots that he has developed to destroy the world.

The Incredibles lives up to the hype and the high standards set by some of the previous works developed by Pixar - Monster's Inc. and Finding Nemo. Although I wouldn't really classify The Incredibles as a children's film, it is still highly entertaining for teenagers and adults alike. The movie is far from perfect. It does drag a bit at times and seems overly long but it is still filled with likeable characters, a strong story, some good action sequences, a handful of hearty laughs and some great animation. All the scenes with Dash running around as quick as lightening were great and easily made the little guy my favourite character in the movie. And the scenes with Edna Mode (voiced by writer and director Brad Bird), the superheroes personal tailor and self-proclaimed advisor, are sure to draw plenty of laughs from all.

Overall, The Incredibles is a great night of entertainment at the theatre and is a movie that should be enjoyed by all. The movie has sequel written all over it so it shouldn't be long before we see Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Dash, Violet and the rest of the crew back in theatres fighting crime and putting a smile on our faces while they do it.

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