Blade 2

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Blade 2
Review (8/10)
(By Blair Barbesin)

Well kids, if your watching this movie, you obviously snuck in to the theatre because Blade II is definitely rated "R" for a good reason. Blood, violence and more blood are the trademarks of this movie. It kicks some serious ass. I was really looking forward to this movie, for two reasons - first I was a big fan of the first movie, and second this is the first movie I've had the chance to see this year. (Hell, I would have been happy to see Crossroads it has been that long since I've been able to go.)

Blade picks up where he left off in the last movie, kicking serious vampire butt. Until he is confronted with a new deadly bloodsucker the Reaper, who feasts on vampires. Teaming up with his enemies, they go to fight the Reapers together. That's the story...oh, and Whistler is back from (what we thought was) the dead, helping Blade on his mission as his trusty sidekick...blah, blah, blah....

Simple story - nothing too original - so, why did I like it? With apologies to Allen Iverson, the answer is Wesley Snipes. He is a real superhero. Well, as real as you will ever see. He has the moves, the attitude and the physique of a superhero. He is the real deal. The action sequences were amazing, using a combination of quick editing, and Matrix type moves (don't worry no bullet time) and the use of the slightly obvious computer animation fighting sequences. (They gave a pretty good preview of what we are in line for when Spiderman opens.) While the CG fighting looked like CG fighting, it was forgivable when inter-cut with the real stuff.

The greatest surprise of the movie and what truly separated the sequel from the original was a new element: FEAR. Blade II was an action movie with very real horror thrown in. There are some very tense "there's a monster in the house" moments - those Reapers are scary. My wife was hiding under my arm and actually said "I'm ready to go home now." Her voice trembled a little - she was freaked out a bit - always a sign of a scary flick. A second little twist that worked was the semblance of a love theme between Blade and another vampire. The reason it worked was because it wasn't forced, and it wasn't fully explored. It never got bogged down in the love triangle between Blade, vampires and killing. Guillermo del Toro just let it be, and by not doing too much with this element you can enjoy the movie more.

It is here that I have to give credit to del Toro. He put together a B-movie that looks first class. Being a sequel, it has to overcome so much more than the first movie did. He was able to keep Blade fresh and exciting. The bad guys were real bad guys, not like the "wimpy" Stephen Dorff in original.

The franchise is set. Bring on Blade III!

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