American Pie 2

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American Pie 2
Review (8/10)
(By Blair Barbesin)

What can I say? I wish I hadn't seen the trailer. After all, it gave away one of the biggest jokes in the movie. Then again, the movie was so funny that it didn't really matter. Packed with humor from the original cast, American Pie 2 makes a triumphant return to the big screen.

Picking up one year after the first movie left off, with everyone in college, coming back together for one last kick at the can. The center of focus in this movie is the four guys (Biggs, Klein, Nicholas and Thomas). Without a pact to get lucky by the end of the summer in this movie, they decide to rent a summer house and work as painters, then the zany hi-jinks you'd expect take over. Oh, there is the little motivation to find out what really matters in life thrown in, but it isn't very important.

Regardless of the fact there there is no plot in this movie whatsoever, it still works. It is still very funny and I still liked it. I was worried about one thing - how was Stiffler (Scott) going to out-Stiffler himself? You see, he has played the "Stiffler" character in the dozen or so movies he's been in since the first Pie movie and each time he's gotten progressively worse at it. Maybe the victim of typecasting, and bad writing in his previous movies, but in Pie 2 Stiffler rules! He was one of the funniest characters on screen. (Now they just need to get rid of Kevin - what a wet blanket!)

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