Sin City

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Sin City
Review (9/10)
(By Brendan Cullin)

Frank Miller's Sin City is based on three short stories from the graphic comic book novels penned by Mr. Miller. Directed by Miller and Robert Rodriguez, the movie tells us three stories that are loosely tied together - one that features a hard-nosed street thug called Marv (Mickey Rourke), who is seeking revenge for the death of a beautiful whore named Goldie (Jaime King) and finds himself face-to-face with a lightening fast and seemingly indestructable hitman named Kevin (Elijah Wood), a quite young boy who seems to have an affinity for human flesh; the second story features Dwight (Clive Owen) seeking revenge on Jackie Boy (Benicio Del Toro) for hitting his girl Shellie (Brittany Murphy) but while seeking revenge an all-out war breaks out with a local gang of heavily-armed hookers (including Rosario Dawson and Devon Akoi) and the local mob; finally, there is the story of John Hartigan, a street-wise cop with a bad ticker who sets out to save a young lady (Jessica Alba) from a serial killer/rapist named Yellow Bastard (Nick Stahl) eight years after he had already saved her from the same prick's prick. Sin City - not a place you'd want to live. The movie also stars a handful of other well-known stars including Josh Hartnett, Michael Clarke Duncan, Michael Madsen and Rutger Hauer, all outstanding in their own right.

Sin City opens in theatres across North America on April 1st but let me assure you, this movie is no April Fool's joke. Sin City is the most original comic book movie ever. It is a movie that will be remembered years from now for its innovative and astounding filmmaking. Visually, the movie is like no other movie I have ever seen. Shot in black and white and littered with flashes of colour throughout the movie, whether it be the red of a woman's lips, the blue of her eyes, blood (oh, so much blood) in all sorts of colours - red, yellow, florescent white - Sin City is a visual rollercoaster. But the rollercoaster does not stop there because when it comes to violence, I don't know if we will ever see anything like this again in the history of movies. Hookers with guns, blood pouring from every orifice of the movie, cannibals, dogs eating humans, balls getting shot, decapitations, bows and arrows, hands chopped off, feet chopped off, you name it, Sin City has it. And it doesn't stop there either because let me tell you gentlemen there's nudity too and plenty of it. And I don't mean the nudity where somewhere down the line you will be watching the movie on DVD and have to pause it to get a glimpse of the nipple that appeared in the movie for a split second. Not that I've ever done that. I'm talking about prolonged moments of boobs, nipples and asses that geekboys can only dream of seeing in real life. The narration of the movie is excellent. The dialogue is outstanding, with some humourous moments even thrown in. The acting is superb with Mickey Rourke leading the pack but supported by outstanding performances from Bruce Willis, Benicio Del Toro, Nick Stahl and pretty much everyone else involved in this masterpiece of a movie.

Have I managed to cover everything? I'm sure there's something I'm missing but whatever it is, it was good, that, I can assure you. Everything about this movie is good, if not great. I really wondered after seeing Sin City why anyone not named Robert Rodriguez (or Quentin Tarantino, I suppose, who has a cameo appearance as a director in this movie) should ever be allowed to touch another comic book movie for the rest of eternity. He has done what many directors ahead of him have tried to do but have come up short or failed. He has made a movie that every comic book fan and every geek boy out there will love unequivocally. This is their movie. (Saying that, I will say it is not a movie for everyone). And to thank Mr. Rodriguez, you should all let him have sex with your girlfriends free of charge. Well, at least those of you who have girlfriends. And only the hot ones. Because you owe him at least that for Sin City. You will be talking about this movie for years to come. It's a beautiful movie. Just not a place where I would ever want to live.

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