Shrek 2

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Shrek 2
Review (9/10)
(By Brendan Cullin)

Shrek 2 features the return of the now happily married green ogre couple of Shrek (Mike Myers) and Princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz). We get a quick overview of their ogre-esque honeymoon, we are reacquainted, once again, to Donkey (Eddie Murphy) and we follow the threesome to the land of Far, Far Away, where Fiona will introduce her new husband to her parents King Harold (John Cleese) and Queen Lillian (Julie Andrews). Not surprisingly, the King and Queen are not at all impressed with Fiona's mutant husband and King Harold enlists the help of The Fairy Godmother (Jennifer Saunders) to help convince Fiona to leave Shrek and marry Prince Charming (Rupert Everett). During their adventures in Far, Far Away, Shrek and Donkey meet up with a new friend, Puss-in-Boots (Antonio Banderas), who becomes a key ally in helping Shrek and Donkey salvage the once happy marriage.

Although Shrek 2 started out a bit slow - I didn't find the first ten minutes so great and found Donkey to be rather annoying (the "Are we there yet?" bit dragged on too long) - this movie is a joy to watch from beginning to end. It is full of great laughs, fantastic characters and pure, unadulterated fun, from start to finish. The introduction of Puss-in-Boots as Shrek and Donkey's partner-in-crime is genius. He generates laugh after laugh after laugh, at times without even saying a word, just with simple facial expressions. This character is sure to be a hit with everyone who sees Shrek 2. Even some of the other minor characters , like Pinocchio, the Gingerbread Man and Captain Hook provoke major laughs. A final minor complaint - why Joan Rivers? A Rivers-type character makes a brief appearance on the screen but even that brief moment is enough to make you want to throw popcorn or other sharp objects at the screen. Is there anyone in show business more annoying than Joan Rivers? I think not.

Nevertheless, Shrek 2 is a surefire hit. Children will love it. Adults will love it. The movie will be a box office bonanza but more importantly it is a good movie. It is a fun and entertaining movie. And if you liked Shrek, you will love Shrek 2. Just make sure you stay a bit past the credits. There is one final scene once the credits start to roll and it will probably become a theme that will be built upon in what you can almost guarantee will someday be Shrek 3.

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