Cage On Rider 2, Kick-Ass & More

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Cage On Rider 2, Kick-Ass & More

In a conference call this week to promote the thriller "Bangkok Dangerous", actor Nicolas Cage revealed that he and Marvel Studios have already been talking about a potential sequel to the critically maligned yet internationally profitable "Ghost Rider" movie.

Cage tells Dark Horizons that he had a meeting with the studio about the project three months ago and they talked about a whole different setting for the character. The general idea was to take the character to Europe where he will work with the Catholic Church, deal with supernatural stuff on the continent and figureout a "connection working with different religious figures". The film's main antagonist has yet to be decided.

Cage is also involved in the adaptation of the graphic novel "Kick-Ass" which he's just about to begin filming. Of his character he says "I play a guy named Damon and I'm the father of Mindy, who is Hit Girl and I'm Big Daddy and I'm training my daughter to become a superhero."

Cage has just wrapped up work in on Werner Herzog's remake of "Bad Lieutenant", confirms that he plays the voice of Astro Boy's creator in the upcoming CG-animated film based on the property, and really hopes that of all the Marvel characters that a "Submariner" film will one day be made. 

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