Three Locked For Tony Scott's "Platz"

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Three Locked For Tony Scott's

Christopher Walken and Johnny Hallyday have joined while Javier Bardem has been confirmed to be onboard the Tony Scott-directed $38 million action thriller "Potzdamer Platz" for Scott Free reports French newspaper Le Parisien by way of The Playlist.

The drama follows two soldiers in a New Jersey-based crime family who try to expand internationally. Though the title refers to the famed public square in central Berlin, the action will be shifted to Puerto Rico and the title will likely change with it.

Mickey Rourke has already been long confirmed to be involved. Jason Statham was said to be circling earlier this year while Scott was hoping to lure both Al Pacino and Gene Hackman for roles - no word if any of those three will be involved.

David Scinto and Louis Mellis ("Sexy Beast") have re-written a script by Buddy Giovinazzo and shooting kicks off in January in Puerto Rico.

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