Queen of Reversals kicks off

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MBC’s new drama Queen of Reversals premieres october 18, bringing more romantic-comedy energy to Mondays and Tuesdays. As with its predecessor drama Queen of Housewives, the initial premise didn’t really engage me, but once I’ve seen a few clips I find myself enjoying the tone and humor of the show. At least as much as I can see from the previews (watch below).

In fact, I wonder if I might even prefer this series to the original; I suspect it will hinge upon my response to the main character, played by Kim Nam-joo. I found Housewives surprisingly fun, but could never get over my distaste for the main character. Here, however, Kim plays a totally different type; her Hwang Tae-hee is a dedicated careerwoman and “gold miss,” aka a professional woman who has remained single into her thirties.

In the first preview below, Tae-hee is shown as an exacting boss at the office where she is a manager. She finds herself interested in Jung Jun-ho‘s character, declaring it practically a miracle for her to find a man she likes at her age, and gets busy trying to lure him in. (It looks like he’s rather easily lured.) Complicating matters is the appearance of his ex, Chae Jung-ahn, and the company’s reckless successor, Park Shi-hoo.

One thing that this series seems to share in common with Housewives is in making Kim the more competent spouse; Oh Ji-ho was unemployed for a long stretch in Housewives, while Jung Jun-ho is described as a bit of a loser here. (I interpret that to mean that he’s not a go-getter or a dynamic professional type, unlike her.)

Queen of Reversals is set for a 20-episode run.


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