Tabu - An Upcoming Of A New Director

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Tabu - An Upcoming Of A New Director

Tabu declared in a tabloid chat, “I don’t feel the need to do every film that comes my way. I’m quite happy waiting for films that I find satisfying artistically and stimulating creatively. I’ve been through that phase where I did films purely for financial security and it’s easy to see which ones those were.”

Shuttling between Mumbai and Hyderabad (”I’ve always been Mumbai based, I got to Hyderabad, coz’ I have a house there too”), juggling South movies (”I did a special song in ‘Prithviraj’ only for Santosh Sivan”) and Hindi cinema, the actress who scored with ‘Cheeni Kum’ and ‘The Namesake,’ states that “I’ve always followed my heart and lived on my own.”

Tabu, however, is quite tickled about rumours insisting that she’s been signed up by Madhur Bhandarkar for the sequel of ‘Chandni Bar’. “Not yet,” she clarifes. “Madhur knows me, he will approach me only if he has a role which I won’t be able to turn down.”

The superlative actress is readying to take a detour in the business of histrionics. “I’d love to direct someday and I’ve already considered it myself,” bares Tabu. “The day I get the right script, I’ll be ready to plunge into direction.”

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