"1N2D" viewers petition to remove Kim Jong Min off the show

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Some disgruntled viewers from KBS 2TV’s variety program, “Happy Sunday – 1 Night 2 Days,” have begun petitioning for member Kim Jong Min to leave the show.

Starting from November 15th, viewers set up a petition on portal site ‘Daum Agora‘, and aimed for 1,000 cyber signatures. Regarding why they wanted to remove the 1N2D cast member, a formal statement read, “Kim Jong Min should return to ‘1N2D’ when his variety skills are more honed. He returned too quickly. Although he raised the viewer ratings for the first episode he came back, he has done nothing for the past 10 months. He doesn’t even talk much aside from marveling at everything.”

The petition reached 400 signatures by the 20th, with some commenting, “It’s not that we hate him, he just doesn’t fit the show.”

Responding to this initiative, CP Lee Dong Hee spoke with Star News on the 20th and stated,

“Kim Jong Min will not be leaving the show. We know that we must take viewer opinions into account, and yes, we are listening to them, but we believe that viewers are allowed to have a variety of opinions. We don’t feel the need to take him off of the show, as he is working his hardest and keeping up communication with the producers in order to find ways to imrpove himself. Viewers must continue to watch over him as much as he is trying to make this work. As a member of this ‘1N2D’ family and as the show’s producer, this is what we feel.“

Meanwhile, the show is continuing the search for a 6th member.

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