Gwyneth Paltrow: Deeply Indebted To People Who Helped Me

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Gwyneth Paltrow: Deeply Indebted To People Who Helped Me

Gwyneth Paltrow is a lucky woman when it come to getting some help for her upcoming venture in Country Song. Paltrow has added that she sought the help of Beyoncé and Faith Hill for preparation of her role in Country Song. Paltrow added that her husband Chris Martin helped her with role of a fallen country singer in a drama. Chris gave her tips on how to make an entry on stage.However Paltrow felt that her female friends could help her out more in terms of her character portrayal.

Paltrow was deeply moved by Beyonce’s gesture and she helped Paltrow immensely with her role. Faith Hill also helped her a lot when she went to Nashville.Faith also gave her advice on how to get Paltrow’s act right. Faith told Paltrow that in order to get everything right one must start singing at least thirty days before the performance on stage. Faith also added that it is necessary to sing the vocals everyday so that it is retained in Paltrow’s memory. Paltrow was also advised to keep her inner ears alert so that she could get everything in order. In an interview Paltrow added that she was indebted to all those who make things possible for her. Paltrow is confident of the fact that someday she just might sing for Country Music Awards which was unthinkable for her  in the past.

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