7 Khoon Maaf: Songs To Everyone

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7 Khoon Maaf: Songs To Everyone

When Vishal Bharadwaj scores music for his film, everyone is assured to listen something really exciting and melodious. He has done same thing with his upcoming movie 7 Khoon Maaf, whose album has nine songs to suit everyone’s taste.

Veteran lyricist Gulzar has written the songs, which have been crooned by the renowned singers like Usha Uthup, Suresh Wadkar, KK, Master Saleem, Vishal’s wife Rekha Bharadwaj, Clinton Cerejo, Francois Castellino, Suraj Jagan and the composer and director himself.

The album starts with the already hit track ‘Darling’ sung by unsual combo of Usha Uthup and Rekha Bharadwaj. The foot tapping tune of the song captivates listeners instantly with its mischievous lyrics. It has the much required energy and Russian flavour.

Vishal Bharadwaj has sung the next song ‘Bekaran’, which is a nazm (Urdu poetry). This wonderful track will rediscover the forgotten romantic side in many listeners. Vishal heard it some time back and wanted to use it as a song in his film. It is a perfect song to impress your lady love. With minimum music, the number stresses on the vocals.

A rock inspired number comes next in the voice of KK and Clinton Cerejo. The ‘O mama’ track is a hard hitting number and it will mainly appeal to the youths. It also has a acoustic version keeping the raw factor intact. It somehow impresses more than the original one with its different appeal.

Master Saleem’s ‘Awaara’ starts with a simple sound but offers sudden ups and downs in the tempo. Suresh Wadkar sings a soft and slow paced love ballad ‘Tere Liye’, which is easily hummable. But, it is not as good as the other numbers.

Suraj Jagan comes with a complete rock number ‘Dil dil hai’ but it could not create much impact despite of the popular rock flavour. Rekha completes the package of the album with a devotional number ‘Yeshu’, which has an expansive chorus in the background.

The popular ‘Darling’ number has another version called ‘Doosri darling’, which has been crooned by Rekha, Usha, Francois Castellino and Clinton.

In brief, it is a magical album with all flavours of music.

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