Camouflage Dinosaurs Sets In "Jurassic 4"?

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Camouflage Dinosaurs Sets In "Jurassic 4"?

Paleontologist Jack Horner says that a new dinosaur is set to play a key role in Colin Trevorrow's upcoming fourth "Jurassic Park" feature.

Horner, who is consulting on the film, tells USA Today: "I can't actually tell you who that will be, but you'll want to keep the lights on after you see this movie."

No word on what dinosaur that could be. The best guess is the lights reference refers to the memorable Carnotaurus scene from Michael Crichton's "The Lost World" novel. They were included in an early draft of the third film before being replaced.

Carnotaurus were South American predator dinosaurs. What makes them unique in the book was that their DNA was genetically altered to give them almost perfect chameleon-like camouflage. They could only be scared off by building lights and flash lights which exposed their stealth advantage.

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