So Hyun Kyung Plans "49 Days," "Prosecutor Princess"

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So Hyun Kyung Plans "49 Days," "Prosecutor Princess"

My Daughter Seo-young was one of the biggest drama hits of the past year — its finale hit 47.6% ratings — so there’s automatic interest in the news that its writer, So Hyun Kyung, is coming back to television with a new drama. (And if the mega-hit weekend series isn’t enough to get you onboard, perhaps it’ll help to know that she also penned the fantasy-heart-tugger 49 Days and Prosecutor Princess.)

The new drama is titled (for now) Two Weeks and is centered around a man who lives life rather meaninglessly, until he somehow becomes wrongfully accused of murder. Furthermore, he discovers that he has a daughter who is sick with leukemia, and what ensues is two weeks of his desperate struggle to save her life.

Two Weeks will be a Wednesday-Thursday drama, which means writer So will have to anticipate much smaller numbers compared to Seo-young’s monster ratings; midweek shows just don’t reach the same heights that the weekenders do. But she’s had miniseries in the past, so perhaps she’s already scaled back those expectations. On the upside, this is an idea she first began working on in 2007, and she’s already written the first five episodes. This project got pushed back when she got busy working on other shows, but has now gotten the greenlight from MBC.

This drama still has plenty of time to get all its ducks in a row; it will follow Queen’s Classroom (the show headlining Go Hyun Jung), which premieres in June.

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