Salman Khan: Dont Call Me "Bhai"!

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Salman Khan: Dont Call Me "Bhai"!

‘Bhai’. A moniker that has stuck with Salman Khan for years doesn’t bring him much joy when he hears it from his female fans. 

Imagine being a heartthrob of millions of fans and having all the adulation flushed down with a single word. Bhai, meaning ‘brother’, is certainly not music to Salman Khan’s ears when he hears it from pretty girls. 

“I have four sisters and two of them are rakhi sisters. They are enough for me. I cannot handle people calling me 'bhai'. In fact I don't know how to react when a girl calls me 'bhai',” Salman Khan candidly said in Gurgaon at the unveiling of the Little Hearts programme which is a collaboration between his charity NGO Being Human and Fortis foundation. The programme will provide care to children with congenital heart defects. 

The 47-year-old superstar said that in charity, the act is greater than intention because the needy end up getting helped. 

“Everybody does charity, but not everybody likes to talk about it. Some may do it for personal benefits, to stay in the limelight or others might do it genuinely. According to me, you may do charity for any reason, but do it anyways. No matter what the intention is,” Salman told reporters. 

Salman Khan’s charity Being Human has been active in many countries and the money is raised for charity by sale of the Being Human merchandize.

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