Sonam Kapoor replaces Freida Pinto In "NH10"

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Sonam Kapoor replaces Freida Pinto In "NH10"

Bollywood was never kind to Freida Pinto. Not that it mattered to her. But now that she has walked out of her Hindi debut, a thriller titled NH10, the gloves are officially off.It is learnt that Freida, who till now had been pretty excited about her Bollywood debut, so much so that she even roped in international financers for the film, has since decided on opting out. The reason she claims behind this sudden change were the apparent delays in the film’s schedule.

Earlier NH10 was slated to go on floors in March, however with the initial hiccup of Eros opting out of co-production, the film’s shoot was postponed to June. However, this second date as well was later shifted to October. This entire date changing farce irked the actress who promptly walked out. They reciprocate by reaching out to the ‘more commercial’ Sonam for the role.

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