Poonam Pandey's Acting Shocked Amit Saxena

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Poonam Pandey's Acting Shocked Amit Saxena

Director Amit Saxena, who entertained audiences in Jism is all set to thrill the youth with Nasha. The film marks the Bollywood debut of Twitter queen Poonam Pandey.

When quizzed about his leading lady, Saxena spoke highly of Poonam. “Initially, I was apprehensive when I was told that Poonam will be the lead. I remember during first rehearsal I was scared and nervous. She kept growing and lot of people will be surprised with her performance,” asserted Amit.

“There was not a single moment when I felt that I am working with a newcomer or I have to be extra careful – nothing! She made it such a wonderful ride for me,” added Saxena.

“Poonam shocked me. She is a fabulous actress and people will be surprised. I didn’t expect her to be so good,” concluded Amit.

Film’s first trailer was launched on June 5. The Nasha will hit cinemas on July, 26.

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