Ranveer Singh Says "Lootera Is totally Different Experiment"

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Ranveer Singh Says "Lootera Is totally Different Experiment"

Bagging all the appreciations for his gravitas act in recently released film Lootera, actor Ranveer Singh stated that it was difficult for him to essay the character.

“My only creative interaction (for ‘Lootera‘) was with Vikramaditya. He was the first thing which drew me into the film. My whole focus has been Vikramadtiya, who I feel is a special director. I know that in the years to come, he will be recognised as one of the best directors,” Ranveer said here.

“Initially it was difficult, but later it became comfortable and I tried to change myself as an actor. I tried to do something completely different and it’s a risk. I take big risks in life. I changed my acting fundamentals for Lootera,” concluded Ranveer.

Talking about his character in the film, the actor said, “There is a charming quality to the guy, he looks like a good guy. Vikramaditya was very clear about what he wanted. I went with it. I had no input of my own.”

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