New "The Walking Dead" Session 4 Artwork

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New "The Walking Dead" Session 4 Artwork

"Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman says that with Scott Gimple taking over as show runner, the new season's episodes will be much more character-based. Kirkman says:

"It's going to be more focused on who these characters are and what they're going through. To a certain extent, we got away from that a little bit in season three. Coming into season four, we're definitely going to know a lot more about these people so it will be that much more gut-wrenching and worse when we lose these characters".

Gimple is the first of the show runners on the project who actually read the comics regularly and was a huge fan before show existed. As a result:

"We are definitely going in some new directions and this will continue to be a different take on the material form the comics but there will possibly be some scenes that are a little bit closer to the comic than we've done in the past. Season four probably has the most number of scenes that are adapted directly from the comic series or very close to what we did."

The fourth season will take place a few months after the events that closed the third, and a lot of the events and deaths in the third season will have a direct impact on where things are in the fourth.

There's a ton more which can be found at The Live Feed.

Also today, artist Alex Ross has released a limited-edition poster for the show that'll be at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. 

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