Ron Howard, Tom Hanks Team For Brown's "Inferno"

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Ron Howard, Tom Hanks Team For Brown's "Inferno"

Tom Hanks and filmmaker Ron Howard are teaming for a third film featuring the Robert Langdon character from author Dan Brown's books for Universal Pictures.

Following "The Da Vinci Code" and "Angels and Demons," the duo have opted to skip the Washington-centric "The Lost Symbol" in favor of Brown's latest work "Inferno".

While 'Angels' was essentially a chase thriller around Rome landmarks, "Inferno" is the same in Florence. This time Langdon wakes up in hospital with amnesia, various brutal mercenaries out to kill him, and a mysterious madman seemingly intent on unleashing a pandemic on the world. The key to this riddle lies within an artist's rendering of Dante's Inferno.

David Koepp is adapting the script, and Universal has already announced a December 18th 2015 release.

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