Marc Webb On "The Rhino", Spider-Man 3 & 4

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Marc Webb On "The Rhino", Spider-Man 3 & 4

Even though Sony Pictures doesn't do their "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" Comic Con presentation until later this afternoon, the film's director Marc Webb has already been out and about talking up the superhero sequel.

Webb confirms that while the film has multiple villains, some will only be appearing for a few minutes. Others are being set up for future films. Webb tells

"One of the things about 'Spider-Man' that's really fun is that the people who become villains often don't start out as villains. Most of the relationships are based in love in some ways. We're teasing certain characters that may not be his main foes... but the main villain is going to be Electro."

He tells SHH that Paul Giamatti's appearance as The Rhino is short - "Rhino sort of makes a teasing appearance in the film in a very calculated and careful way."

He also confirms we'll see the Rhino's "horns" in the film, and he won't be shown in the footage at Comic Con this year as "there's too much work to be done there."

He also spoke about Sony's proposed third and fourth film:

"There have been some early talks about the nature of those next two films, but it's still too early to talk details. If you pay attention to this film that's coming out in May of next year, you may get a feeling and a sense of what's to come in the future.

The [announcement of the] fourth one was a little bit of a surprise. We always talked about there being a set of three movies, but there may be elements that expand outside Spider-Man that could fulfill that fourth film"

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