Paramount Pictures Plans "Beverly Hills Cop 4"

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Paramount Pictures Plans "Beverly Hills Cop 4"

"Beverly Hills Cop: The Series" is officially dead, but "Beverly Hills Cop 4" has come back to life.

"The Shield" and "Last Resort" creator Shawn Ryan's attempt to revive the BHC franchise as a TV series hit a snag back in May when CBS passed on the already produced pilot.

Ryan has since been trying to shop the pilot around to other networks, but admitted yesterday on Twitter that those efforts have been for nought. It has, however, had an unexpected side effect. Ryan tweets:

"Sad to report that efforts to land Beverly Hills Cop pilot at another network have failed. This iteration is dead for now. Good news for fans of franchise is that the pilot tested so well, it has caused Paramount to put another #BHC movie into development."

No further details were on hand about the movie and whether the series pilot star Brandon T. Jackson would return as Axel Foley's son.

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