Comic Con: "Veronica Mars"

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Comic Con: "Veronica Mars"

For years it seemed we would never get a "Veronica Mars" movie. That all changed back in March when a Kickstarter campaign to budget the movie nearly broke the Internet and succeeded wildly beyond anyone's expectations.

Now, just a few months later, the film is almost wrapped and the first footage from it was screened for fans at this year's San Diego Comic Con.

Actors Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring, Enrico Colantoni, Francis Capra, Percy Daggs III, Ryan Hansen, Tina Majorino and Chris Lowell along with creator Rob Thomas all showed up for the panel which started with a making of featurette that leads into what is essentially a teaser trailer.

Of the plot, Thomas says: "I can tell you that it sort of has a Godfather III theme to it. Which is odd, because why not pick Godfather II? It was better. I can tell you Veronica has not worked as a private detective since the last time you saw her. Part of this movie is her getting back into this life she thought she left behind."

Thomas also spoke about how his idea of the film changed: "I wanted to do an Agatha Christie movie with everyone in one house -- very few sets and very few guest stars. And that's not what we did. We made an incredibly ambitious, sprawling low-budget movie. We wanted to include all of those smaller parts that fans really loved."

Colantoni, who plays Veronica's TV dad Keith Mars, was held off from showing up on set until three weeks into production to make his first scenes all the more emotional.

The film is slated to come out in "the first couple of months of 2014". Any sequels will depend on how financially successful this first film is.


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